Why Work For Guardian Protection Force

  • GPF is an equal opportunity employer looking for ambitious team members such as yourself for a fast growing company in a fast growing industry. Grow and develop with a company who cares for its staff.
  • GPF implements a management structure that allows unlimited growth and opportunity for the right people. With specialized teams for different duties and tasks you can truly grow into a vast security industry and specialize in any number of fields such as Executive Protection, Armed or Unarmed Uniformed Operations, security consulting and much more!
  • GPF not only offers some of the most competitive wages but great benefits such as 401k and paid leave.
  • GPF is proud to announce that it provides mandatory paid training for all staff on a monthly basis. Don't just stand a post for a security company. Learn and develop as you work. The only thing better than an education is getting paid to receive it.
Basic Information

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